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  • Day 1

    29th sept, 2021

  • Open by Hanne de Kort

    S1.1. Natural epigenetic variation in wild strawberry populations along a European climatic gradient
    By I. Sammarco

    S1.2. Does epigenetic diversity contribute to the invasion of Japanese knotweeds?
    By I. Van Riemsdijk.

    S1.3. An emerging relation between epimutations and gene expression in a clonally propagated perennial tree
    By P. Perez-Bello

  • 16:45
    S1.4. No geographical pattern in methylome variation in the Lombardy poplar clone across Europe
    By B. Diez-Rodriguez

    S1.5 Genetic and environmental determinants of natural DNA methylation variation in Thlaspi arvense
    By D. Galanti

  • Open by Xiaoqi Feng

    S2.1 Epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of Volatile Organic Compounds: Dianthus broteri as a polyploid study system
    By J. Picazo-Aragonés

    S2.2F Role of histone demethylases in somatic embryogenesis in Arabidopsis
    By L. Pellegrini

    S2.3F Improvement of plant growth and immunity by impediment of MYST histone acetyltransferases
    By A. Tornesaki

    S2.4F Molecular function of Meiosis-Associated Argonaute (MAGO) proteins in maize
    By S. Amantia

    S2.5F TreeGeneClimate – Sustainable wood and biomass production: novel traits, resilience to climate change, pests and diseases
    By V. Chano

    S2.6F The epigenome of the Brassicaceae Thlaspi arvense
    By A. Contreras

    S2.7F Effects of parental and immediate light and soil moisture conditions on transcriptional activity in Polygonum persicaria offspring
    By T. Early

  • Day 2

    30th sept, 2021

  • Open by Jurriaan Ton

    S6.1 Exogenous alteration of DNA methylation in soybean reduces the plant’s ability to assemble beneficial soil microbial communities
    By C. Rodriguez-Lopez

    S6.2 Effects of short-term herbivory on plant response and its association with DNA methylation
    By A. N. Troyee

    S6.3F What epigenetic control (DNA methylation) during the mutualistic symbiotic interaction between a tree (Populus tremula x alba) and a mycorrhizal fungus (Lacarria bicolor)?
    By J. Vigneaud

    S6.4F Stress memory in response to benzoxazinoid allelochemicals in Thlaspi arvense
    By D. Ramos-Cruz

    S6.5 Competition-induced transgenerational plasticity influences competitive interactions and leaf decomposition of offspring
    By J. Puy

  • Open by Alexander Jueterbock

    S4.1 Heritability of stress-induced DNA methylation patterns in the diploid woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca sp.)
    By M.E. Lopez

    S4.2 Phenotypic plasticity in plant defense across life stages: inducibility, transgenerational induction and transgenerational priming in wild radish
    By M. Sobral

    S4.3 Stability of epigenetic inheritance in the highly clonal common Duckweed, Lemna minor
    By M. Van Antro

    S4.4 Developmental variation in transgenerational transcriptional plasticity in Persicaria maculosa
    By M. Alvarez

    S4.4F Transgenerational non-genetic inheritance has fitness costs and benefits in the clonal duckweed Spirodela polyrhiza
    By M. Huber

  • Open by Stéphane Maury

    S5.1 DNA methylation aids adaptation and population persistence in a changing climate
    By P. Vergeer

    S5.2 Drought induces genome-wide hypermethylation of short interspersed nuclear elements (SINE) in Populus nigra var. italica
    By C. Pena-Ponton

    S5.3 Changes in DNA methylation and gene expression in response to copper stress in bryophytes
    By T. Boquete

    S5.4 Characterization of the genome wide distribution of H3K27me3 and H3K4me in the marine microalgae Ostreococcus tauri over diurnal and seasonal cycles
    By C. Arvanitidou

    S5.5F Selection and cross resistance in monoclonal Spirodela polyrhiza populations under oxidative stress outdoors
    By A. M. Chavez

    Dynamics of DNA methylation in Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile from different environments
    By J. Pazzaglia

  • Day 3

    1st October, 2021

  • Open by Helene Kretzmer

    S3.1 The EpiDiverse epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS) pipeline
    By S. N. Can

    S3.2 epiGBS2: an improved protocol for reduced representation bisulfite sequencing with or without reference genome
    By M. Postuma

    S3.3 Ecc_finder: a robust and accurate tool for detecting extrachromosomal circular DNA (eccDNA) from eccDNA sequencing data
    By P. Zhang

  • 11:15
    S3.4 A new role for histone demethylases in the maintenance of genome integrity in rabidopsis
    By J. Antunez

    S3.5 Manipulating base quality scores enables variant calling from bisulfite sequencing alignments using conventional Bayesian approaches
    By A. Nunn